Your farming enterprise has to integrate Internet of Things (IoT) devices and data from multiple sources for efficient and intelligent business decisions. We do that for you. 


Supply chain and on-demand service are integral to your manufacturing and bottom-line. We help you take the data and predict a good supply beforehand.

Communication Services

Your network and communication towers have to work seamlessly and integrate with realtime feedback from customers. Millennials are reactive.  

Finance Services

We have created finance solutions for bigger enterprises. We can help your organization to get into FinTech or optimize finance for your cost budgeting and reduction.


We have provided software solutions for helping hospitals manage their processes better in US. We would like to build on those knowledge to take other organizations further.

High Technology

Electronics require big-data and intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) to maximize yield and time-to-market. We help with that.

Industrial Manufacturing

We have helped manufacturing companies in building customized ERP solutions to maintain their ERP.

Information Services & Publishing

Your enterprise needs to navigate the digital content landscape: streamline editorial workflows, automate content production, provide access to premium content via a paywall.


In the insurance industry, non-traditional players now have access to large volumes of customer data and are able to provide holistic pre-purchase and purchase information.

Public Sector

We work with governments to handle intricate and sensitive projects to deliver value to their customers - citizens.


As the lines between the experience offered by online and offline channels are getting blurred, we are helping retailers maximize on this Omni-channel opportunity by delivering an integrated experience across channels.

Travel & Hospitality

Your travel and hospitality enterprise needs a digital transformation to deliver a smooth journey.


Smart grids require intelligence. Intelligence requires big-data. We help decode the big-data.

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